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TELL ME – and I may forget.   SHOW ME – and I will remember.   INVOLVE ME – and I’ll understand.

In Jon’s career, the first is like RADIO – the second like TELEVISION – and the third is newly possible with WEB interactivity where Jon can tell you, show you and involve you.

WebTogether.ca is the Jon Eakes direct broadcast channel for live interactive solutions to home improvement and construction problem solving. This is the interactive branch of JonEakes.com. where, as always for Jon, it’s the details that count! Welcome to WebTogether.ca.


A WebTogether is like a Get Together without geographic limitations and you are all invited.  Here Jon Eakes is hosting live interactive meetings that go beyond simple webinars and talking head presentations.  Jon brings modern technology into his own studio and his 40 years of TV experience actively to the web.

For the moment new consumer broadcasts are on hold, but two years of consumer archives are still available.  To see any of the archives of the past two years of shows you can visit our Archives page, or go to my UStream channel: https://www.ustream.tv/channel/ask-jon-eakes-live-home-improvements

Note: there is a Search function that could help you to find the segment you are searching for.

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In this stream of broadcasting, Jon hosts technical sessions with members of the construction industry scattered across the country on specific issues – much like little charrettes.

This is simply a quick and easy way to tackle specific problems. These are usually by invitation only.

For details on any upcoming broadcasts, Follow this link.

Contact me for more details or to request that I bring together the people you need to talk to on a specific problem."

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